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David Glenz Golf Tips

Video Lessons

Putting - The Start of the Golf Swing
Mental and Physical Routine
The Putt-Chip
The Chip Shot
The Lob Shot
The Bunker Shot
The Grip
The Start of the Swing
The Movement of the Club
The Set-Up
Proper Ball Position
Body Coil - Backswing
The Change of Direction
The Finish
Athletic Sequence
Athletic Footwork
Half Swing Timing
Timing the Golf Swing
Left Side Impact
Right Side Impact
Impact Iron vs Driver
Drill: Left Hand Only
Drill: Right Hand Only
Connection Drill
Right Foot Back Drill
Power-Strike Drill
Belt-Buckle Drill
Energy Drill

Full Swing

The 7 power Leaks in Golf
The Secret
How to Ruin a Junior Golfer

Mental Game

The Unannounced Guest
What makes a great student?
How to Take Your Game from the Practice Tee to the Golf Course

Short Game

Bunker Busters

The Basics

5 Steps to Playing Better into the Wind
The Reason for Drills